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Vishwa Shanti Yoga School

Vishwa Shanti Yoga School gives 200 hour Residential Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India, enlisted with Yoga Alliance, USA. Hatha and Astanga Vinyasa yoga serious private course for yoga devotees who might have essential to cutting edge information, or might not have any learning of yoga by any stretch of the imagination. The RYS 200 meeting the Yoga Alliance USA instructing and rehearse prerequisite for the courses are intended to set up a person with no or less information of yoga into an identity who comprehends yoga in a manner that s/he will have the capacity to show it to others. Thus produced RYT 200 and RYT 500 will be eligible to teach yoga to students all over the world.

The 200 YTTC can be a courageous Yoga visit bundle mitigating you from a wide range of enthusiastic and mental weight, a sentiment unwinding, opportunity to lose additional fat and get the information of Yoga and Spiritual practice for the accomplishment of self-comprehension, separation from natural strains and sound well-being. The Vishwa Shanti Yoga plans the 200 hour Yoga instructor instructional class for amateurs to middle of the road and propelled level Yoga professionals who are totally new to the field, who have rehearsed Yoga to some degree and have the fundamental learning of this awesome practice; and the individuals who have been into it from years and need to renew their spirit honing Yoga in the heavenly bank of waterway Ganges (Rishikesh).

The 200 hour Yoga TTC is anything but difficult to learn for the apprentices and gives another enthusiasm and vitality to the normal Yoga specialists. Honing Yoga in Rishikesh is itself an awesome affair that all the Yoga devotees around the globe dream to encounter. The Vishwa Shanti Yoga School (Rishikesh) has been accepting request from people far and wide with respect to the course plan, preparing dates, Yoga educators/teachers, and different offices gave by the School. The understudies inspire opportunity to practice Yoga on the bank of Ganga stream (Rishikesh), the early morning air and night chill in Rishikesh are fortunes for some to transmit to their companions, colleagues, relatives and other people who are arranging Yoga Classes in Rishikesh, UK, India.

Yoga Alliance USA certified 200 hour yoga Teacher Training is residential hatha yoga training course in Rishikesh India for beginners to intermediate practitioners. Designed for beginners to intermediate level yoga practitioners, 200 hour residential yoga teacher training course RYS 200 is a doorway to RYT 200 of the Yoga Alliance USA. The students gradually achieve theoretical understanding of yogic philosophy along with advancing in practical implementation. Flexibility in body position, control of breath, conscious breathing, introspection, and better understanding of own body are the important realizations that yoga practitioners feel and gradually gain greater mastery over if they regularly practice.

The RYT 200 can work as assistant yoga teacher under a lead teacher. Transmitting knowledge is one of the most effective way on gaining better understanding of the skills learned and expanding the knowledge. After teaching Yoga for 2 years with at least 1,000 hours of teaching experience, the practitioner can register with E-RYT 200 and provide education classes and workshops to other teachers. S/he can also act as a Lead Trainer of a 200-hour teacher training program.

Course Module Meditation

Meditation is one of the eight limbs of Yoga as defined in Ashtanga (or Raja) Yoga. It is a unified whole of concentration, prayer, mantra chanting and devotion towards the supreme. Scholars of the field consider meditation as a higher level of Yoga practice that nears to Samadhi. The final destination of all types of yoga practice is unity with the supreme.

Spelled as Dhyana in Sanskrit, meditation is attained through regular yogic practice on the rest of the seven limbs of yoga - restrictions (Yamas), observances (Niyamas), postures (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama), non-attachment (Pratyahara) and concentration (Dharana).


Pran (a) and Ayama are the two words that coin Pranayama - Pranayama is a common practice in yoga classes everywhere. Pran (a) & Ayama are both Sanskrit words. Prana is generally understood as breath and Ayama stands for dimension. Pranayama, in yoga practice, means conscious inhaling, retention and expiration. Conscious breathing benefits physical body including brain. Retention of breath after inhaling takes the air to the brain and nourishes nerves, blood and all the systemic functioning of our body with oxygen. This leads to healthy living.

Regular pranayama practitioner feels the flow of breath through her body parts. Concentration on one's own body is a way of exploring oneself, knowing the self and understanding the self. All type of natural healing - yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic massage and therapy teach us to look into our body more consciously and love our body more. As we love more, we care more and thus we begin healthy living.

Pranayama is the fundamental part of yoga practice. Some schools incorporate it from the very beginning of Yoga classes and some gradually introduce it.

According to how breath is incorporated in yoga teachings and practices, there are six different schools of thought on Pranayama practice.

  • Inegral Yoga - Connecting movement with Meditation
  • Kripalu Yoga - Cultivating sensitivity and awareness
  • Ashtanga Yoga - Unifying action, breath and attention
  • Iyengar Yoga - Developing precision, power and subtlety
  • Vinyasa Yoga - Creating personalized practice
  • Kundalini Yoga - Combining mudra, mantra and breath

The Kundalini Yoga, additionally broadly known as Siddha Yoga is a finished bundle of Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja or Astanga Yoga and Jnana Yoga which can be taught by just the Siddha Guru. Siddha Yoga prompts salvation. Just the people who have rehearsed yoga/reflection for a considerable length of time and accomplished a level of hesitance can provoke for Siddha yoga hone. These are the experts of yogic practice who have increased philosophical, hypothetical and viable learning and offered several understudies some assistance with acquiring information. In Kundalini Yoga classes, the yoga components - breathing, yoga stances, non-connection, fixation and reflection are taught in such a way, to the point that the understudies start to live with these components as day by day life. These classes uniquely focused on contemplation joined by music, mantra, requests to God, droning. The yoga expert encounters mental peace and advanced safety to achieve salvation.

Daily Schedule for Our TTC course

  • 06:30 to 07:00 AM Shatkarma (Yogic Cleansing)
  • 07:00 to 08:30 AM Asana (Yoga Position)
  • 09:00 to 10:00 AM Breakfast
  • 10:30 to 11:45 AM Yoga Philosophy
  • 12:00 to 01:00 PM Lunch
  • 01:30 to 03:00 PM Yoga Anatomy
  • 03:00 to 04:00 PM Self Study
  • 04:00 to 05:30 PM Alignment & Adjustment
  • 06:00 to 07:00 PM Meditation/ Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)/ Yog Nidra

Vishwa Shanti Yoga Accommodation

You will be residing at Vashishth guest house - single room with attached bathroom. The rooms are equipped with comfortable bed, night table, television, cooler fan for summer. You will have access to free Wi-Fi, hot and cold water 24/7. Every day cleaning facility in your room is an added benefit. If you have any problem, just inform the front desk and rest will be taken care of.

Booking and Refund Conditions

Payment Mode

Students can pay advance fee by Paypal, and rest fee can pay by Card, Cash. Accepted currencies are USD, INR, Euro.

Available Accomodation Packages

Number of Persons Room / Accommodation Description Total Price Book Your Spot
1 person Single 1400.00 USD Book Now

Course Dates

Dates Status Price
13-March-2017 to 25-March-2017 -- --
10-April-2017 to 22-April-2017 -- --
24-April-2017 to 06-May-2017 -- --
08-May-2017 to 20-May-2017 -- --
22-May-2017 to 03-June-2017 -- --
05-June-2017 to 17-June-2017 -- --
19-June-2017 to 01-July-2017 -- --
03-July-2017 to 15-July-2017 -- --
17-July-2017 to 29-July-2017 -- --
31-July-2017 to 12-August-2017 -- --
14-August-2017 to 26-August-2017 -- --
28-August-2017 to 09-September-2017 -- --
11-September-2017 to 23-September-2017 -- --
25-September-2017 to 07-October-2017 -- --
09-October-2017 to 21-October-2017 -- --
23-October-2017 to 04-November-2017 -- --
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Vishwa Shanti Yoga School

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Vishwa Shanti Yoga School

Vishwa Shanti Yoga School provides 200 hour Residential Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India, registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.


"I had an amazing training and time there.Teachers were amazing and fulfilled my expectations. . I definitely recommend Vishwa Shanti Yoga school who wants to deepen their yoga practice."

Ahmet Alasya

"I did 300 hrs TT in Vishwa Shanti Yoga School in July 2015.I highly recommend Vishwa Shanti to anybody who is in search to deepen his/her yoga practices"

Aysen Demirag