Terms and Conditions

It is advised for all the clients to go through the terms and conditions those are provided by us. Visiting the website, accessing it, or booking anything from our platform, you agree that you have gone through the terms and conditions, and also that you have no issues with them. Once you have booked a service, it will be assumed that you have agreed to or have gone though the terms and conditions.

We have been in consistent effort to make you available with the best possible service. However, it becomes essential in some occasions to make changes or to revamp the pages or to bring alterations in service segments. It is the responsibility of the client to go through the terms of the changes done with it for the best result.

Important Conditions to go through

  • We make the complete detail of the offers over our website, with specifically mentioning the available options. Once a visitor or a client makes a reservation or books for any service has to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned over the site. Acceptance or rejection of the booking remains completely under control of the service provider.

  • If you have any kind of questions or queries to make regarding the services, you can ask about the same through our websites.

  • Any special offer added later with the existing one also does abide by the same terms and conditions as it was earlier.

  • It is here to mention that we have not employed any of the third party service provider or booking agent. Any service or offer can only be enjoyed straight through the site only. Don't believe if anyone claims that he/she can help you in getting the services. In fact, we hold the right to take legal actions against such people.

  • The decisions made by the company are final. No changes can be made unless the team of decision makers thinks it is necessary.

  • Any kind of reservation or booking made over the site is a matter between the concerned client and the company. A reservation or booking can only be confirmed when the concerned person gets a confirmation mail.

  • If anyone wishes for a change or cancellation of the booking or reservation, he/she has to produce the confirmation mail. This is important as all forms of crucial details regarding the transactions are written over there.

  • Once you submit, you become responsible for the booking or the person under whose name the service has been booked will be considered liable for the whole range of charges.

  • We are not going to entertain the claims like someone else has made the booking on your behalf and all, if the details are submitted or the procedures are followed as asked. Hence, make sure you haven't shared the confidential details with anyone else.

  • We offer the leeway for the visitors to publish their contents over here. However, it is their duty to make sure that the content is legal, and doesn't violate the company's intellectual property right, privacy rights, etc., in any form.